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I'm excited that you are joining other retail outlets to stock my cards and prints. They seem to be getting increasingly popular. I think it's to do with my sick sense of humour combined with my artwork. What can I say?

Here is my recommendation for you if you are a retail stockist. 


You can purchase the cards straight from Redbubble at a 30% discount on what is already a very cheap price for cards. 


The RB cards are beautifully printed and come with a kraft envelope rather than the standard white envelope. So far I haven’t been able to replicate the quality of the cards using other companies. They are printed in Melbourne (if you live in Australia)  and usually arrive on the doorstep within a week. 


My cards retail at $4 each for the small cards and $6 each for the large ones and they literally walk out the door in the shops. Hopefully after people have paid for them:).

Order cards from Redbubble from my General artwork and look in the 'card' section or direct to my card collections (more limited).

Once you have ordered more than 16 cards of the same size (it’s not necessary for you to order 16 of the same type as long as they are the same size) your total will be reduced by 30% automatically in your shopping cart.


Keep an eye out for Redbubble sales. Usually they have one every week so you need to keep an eye on their emails. Usually their sales have 20% off but sometimes it’s 25%. This adds onto your already reduced price and the cards will be reduced to a very reasonable price.

NOTE: There is no scanning or code on the cards at this stage


I have these printed myself and package them manually in high quality cellophane and backing board (no matt board).

These wholesale at $7 each for A4 and $12 each for A3. Minimum of 20.

My range is yet to be identified but most of the artwork on Redbubble can be produced in prints.


I’m cheerfully dancing at the thought you will have my products in your shop and would love to chat to you if you have any other questions. Please use the contact form below...

Ooh. That's just fascinating!

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