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Workshop teaching

If you're a teacher of something creative and exciting who would like to come and teach at 'Art in the Attic' please contact me on with a brief overview of your idea.


Once we have agreed on dates and a fee, please provide the following information...

The first step to getting you up and running is getting your class information together. Once you send this through, it will be sent to WeTeachMe will upload all your classes.

This is the best format to communicate your class information to potential customers.




- Email Address: 


- Contact Number: 


- Website: 

For Each Class Type


- Class Title: 

- Class Date(s)

- Start & End Time (must be between 10am and 5pm)

- Duration


- Cost N/A

- Max number (12 maximum in room space)

- What participants will Learn (3 points)

- What participants will get (3 + points)​


- Class Description

Profile - let us know a bit of information about you


Are minimum age requirements to attend the workshop?

What can I bring?


Class Image (minimum one for each class, please attach and send separately)


Note: A Landscape image with an 4:3 Aspect Ratio must be met in order for optimum display quality on all devices.

Note Images: We review the images that you select, if they do not meet our standards we will remove and replace with a stock image that is more appealing ( we will notify you when this occurs)


What size images and how many?


4:3 Aspect Ratio for class images are best, you can upload as many images as you want, the main image must be 4:3 Aspect Ratio the remaining images can be different ratios.


Logo: 190x190, 2 MB maximum.

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