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2020 Virtual exhibition July 25th to Aug 28th

Curious creatures

A personified portrayal of animals and their surrounds.

Our own personality can be disguised or enhanced by the tilt of a hat, the flick of a lace underskirt or a dark and devious looking mask. We personify animals to identify with them on a more human level. An example of this would be our impression of the Australian platypus. The male can kill its prey with a flick of the spur, found on its hindfeet that are connected to a gland that produces toxic venom, however our impression of a platypus is that he has a 'sweet and likeable' nature.

In this exhibit, animals remind us of ourselves, with the qualities and traits assigned to them by artistic interpretation. 

'I believe that art can have the power to move people and offer new experiences. It can motivate people to attribute new meaning to life and their existence. My artwork is always an expression of the positive outcomes I’ve experienced from an otherwise traumatic health encounter. ' Jenny Wood 

Prints and cards can be purchased for all artwork (link available in individual pieces).

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