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Welcome! I'm cheerfully dancing at the thought that you are here to see my original quirky and whimsical artwork, which comes from the heart. I hope you take a little something away with you to make your day a happy one!

In March 2015 I completed a series of breast cancer treatments, having found a malignant lump in my breast in early 2014. My artwork is an expression of the positive outcomes I’ve experienced from an otherwise traumatic encounter.

Having breast cancer has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate my life, as losing all of your vices tends to do. My breast, my hair and my sense of eternity on the planet Earth. I learned what was important in my life, strengthened my faith, gratefully received the love from family and friends and had doors opened to transform from a computer nerd into an artist and illustrator.

During my treatment time I used art as a relaxation tool. As you can see I used my hours of chemotherapy over the period of 9 months to draw. I began to sell pieces quite by accident and since this time I have illustrated 11 children’s books, had 6 solo exhibitions and won a mayoral acquisition award, amongst many other achievements. Good things can always come from bad.

My vision is to continue the exploration of reaching people through creative expression and my passion for life. Much of my work is deliberate but opportunities for 'happy accidents' are always welcome. During my illness I learned to create from the soul and my vision is to continue using this as my main tool

Whether it’s print or pixels I’m passionate about art, illustration, design and all things geeky and arty. I hope to bring a range of disciplines to every project I work on drawn from my diverse background. I’m a Designer, Artist, Illustrator, Photographer and multimedia geek who is happy to help you with your project with a realistic quote and honest timelines.

Chemotherapy while drawing

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