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I am trained in and implement the Monart method, a little Zentangle and some of my own unique style to teach children to draw. 


What is the Monart method?


In 1979 Mona Brookes developed the Monart Drawing Method through a grant from Pepperdine University as a new standard for teaching children how to draw realistically. However, the Monart Method does more than simply teach children how to draw. Leading educators recognize Monart as an academic program incorporating several key learning modalities such as focus & concentration, decision making, problem solving, sequence planning, and development of hand-eye coordination & fine-motor skill.

A Monart class provides a non-competitive environment that promotes success and self-esteem. Much like learning the alphabet to read or notes & scales to play an instrument, Monart teaches children to see the world around them in five basic elements of shape and helps them develop the skills needed to translate that information to paper. Since 1979, Monart has been taught in classrooms around the world. The Monart Method has achieved great results with children of all skill levels, including those with learning difficulties. The use of Monart in classrooms has also resulted in increased reading & math levels and better concentration & problem-solving. It also improves visual perception and realistic drawing skills.


Monart’s comprehensive projects provide the structure and knowledge necessary for learning and help build competence. Teachers report that students’ focus, concentration, and problem solving abilities increase after the first few lessons. Monart Drawing School’s “Progressive”, Academically-based curriculum stands apart from all other programs.

Why do we wait until children are teenagers or even adults before we teach them drawing skills? Children as young as 3 or 4  years old can learn to draw what they see. This is an age where they haven't developed preconcieved ideas of what the world looks like. Jenny runs children's workshops for any age group as long as they are keen to draw!

Learning to draw using the 'drawing alphabet' is an exciting and successful method which helps the brain to see the world in a different way.

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