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So you think you can't draw?

So you think you can't draw

People say they can't draw so often I could it's prompted me to ask a question... or two.

What do you mean you can't draw? Could you draw when you were 6 years old? So did you just suddenly stop being able to draw or did something happen to your confidence?

You can't draw because you don't draw

What would you say to me if I said 'I can't ride a bike?'. What if you also knew that I never had a bike as a child and didn't actually get on one until I was 43 years old? My reason for not being able to ride had nothing to do with not being a natural born bike rider. It was because I'd never tried to. By the time I was 45 I could ride 100km in 3 hours. That's not because I was a natural. That's because I PRACTISED!! I persevered. I prioritised. I looked like an idiot. Most of all, I loved it.

More recently, I humiliated myself and had swimming lessons and learned to swim. I conquered my life long fear of deep water. Well almost. I managed to swim 16+ laps of the 50m pool in no time (well almost no time). Not because I'm a natural... but I'm sure you get the drift...

You can't draw because you are your own enemy


So that's pretty boring isn't it? You want me to say you can't draw because you aren't a natural. What if I said to you that you have other reasons for not being able to draw? Other than not having tried to.

If I asked you draw like this artwork in the image to the left could you? Welcome to Picasso!

When you say you can't draw do you mean that you can't replicate what you see to photographic replication? There is no point or creativity in drawing for photographic likeness. If that's what you want, take a photo it's easier.

Drawing is a learnable skill but first you need to give yourself a long hard talking to.

1. Start drawing for fun. Draw for the process and not the outcome.

2. Stop criticising yourself. Drawing is a mental game and your mind is extremely powerful.

3. Don't show anyone your work and if you do, don't look for praise.

4. Stop naming your drawing objects. If you spend your time worrying about whether your elephant looks like an elephant you will not get into a creative flow.

5. STOP talking while you're drawing. Yes that's right. Drawing and talking don't mix. Talking uses the other side of the brain and stops you from getting into a flow.

6. Break the rules and stop worrying about what others might think.

7. Book into one of my classes and learn that you CAN draw and that it's fun!

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