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Paper Puppets

Hand drawn fully articulated paper puppets to cut out and assemble printed in an A4 size booklet.

Also available at Dromana Indoor market and Artisans alley, Mornington

All cheerfully hand designed by Jenny Wood.


This will help you to assemble your paper puppets...


Materials required 

  • Hole punch-extra small or a large pointy needle

  • Brads/ split pins 

  • Bakers Twine to hang or bamboo skewer to hold (optional)

  • Scissors

Remove the staples from the book.

Cut out each piece carefully and punch holes in shown areas using a thick needle or small hole punch.

Assemble using split pins/brads putting the pieces either on top or behind the main body.


  • If you tear or weaken an area, put masking tape on the back to strengthen it and trim.

  • You may prefer to add the pieces to areas other than those suggested. Have a play before you put holes in!

  • Some limbs/wings are better placed behind the body. You will need to use your own judgement for this but examples will be placed here soon. The white rabbit, for example, has one leg behind the body and one on top.

  • You can laminate the sheet before you cut it out for extra strength.

  • Place a bamboo skewer to the back and use as a puppet or hang from a piece of string.

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