Face masks

$19 ea

facemask packaging no barcode.jpg

Non-medical face mask with 1 removable PM2.5 filter (more available).

Washable and comfy soft fabric printed in unique and original Jenny Wood art. 

Funky, reusable and sometimes wickedly funny. The best combination ever!

*Unlike the images shown, the masks are shaped to fit your cute little face. You will look even cuter.

Got questions? You'll find the answers here

PM 2.5 filter replacement pkt
PM 2.5 filter replacement pkt 10- $10
Flinders Street face mask
Melboure Flinders Street face mask with removable filter
Luna Park face mask
With replaceable filter included
Alice and hare face mask
Alice and her friend the white rabbit washable with removable filter
Protea Face mask
Face mask with removable filter (non-medical)
Alice and hare face mask
spit happens alpaca mask
Frida face mask
Frida hand drawn by Jenny Wood mask with replaceable filter
Wednesday Addams face mask
Wednesday mask with replaceable filter
Steampunk guitar face mask
Steampunk guitar face mask with replaceable filter
Lurch Addams face mask
Lurch mask with replaceable filter
Magpie swoop face mask
Magpie funny mask with replaceable filter
Beatle mask
Owls face mask
Owls mask with replaceable filter
Melbourne face Mask
Kookaburra face mask
Kookaburra laughing mask with replaceable filter
WILD creatures face mask
Australian creatures mask with replaceable filter
Kookaburras face mask
Kookaburras mask with replaceable filter
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Proudly designed by Jenny Wood.

Copyright: You may not in any form or by any means:

-use, adapt, reproduce, store, distribute, print, display, perform, publish or create derivative works from any of my material